• Should I buy a combo grill?

    Do you look to Kim Kardashian for moral and spiritual guidance? Are you envious of the political skills of Anthony Weiner? Do you believe that Wal-Mart offers world class customer service? Then by all means, purchase a combo grill.  It's perfect for you. If not then please read on.

    Combo grills entered the market around six years ago with the appearance of the Char-Griller Duo. Hard as it is to believe, Char-Griller was the fist company to take a gas grill, bolt it to a charcoal grill, and put it into one box.  It was so new that, astoundingly, Char-Griller received a patent on this innovation. Now mind you, the innovation here is the application of a nut and a bolt.  They took a gas grill and bolted it to a charcoal grill. That's it. Nothing more.  And they got a patent. Mind = blown.

    Now, as simple as was their idea, Char-Griller did do something of value. You see, nobody goes to Home Depot to buy a grill and leaves with three boxes. Customers only buy ONE GRILL.  Why? Ask a psychologist. But there is a real cost to making that second and third purchase. It's the same phenomenon behind the Apple Macintosh and the one button. Customers like simplicity. They want us, the experts, to do their homework for them. They want a one box flavor solution. And that's fair.

    The first problem with combo grills is that there is no synergy in the design. As such, they are expensive. The second problem is what is called a "retail price point".  Specifically, retailers look at their sales at certain price points and them aim to deliver products at those prices or lower. Since there is no engineering synergy, manufacturers are forced to cut quality. And the cut it a lot.

    But don't listen to me. Listen to Derrick Riches. Or listen to Meathead Goldwyn. Those guys run the two most popular outdoor cooking websites in the world. They get paid to sell grills, and they're telling you not to buy that one. Listen to the experts.

    So don't but a "combo grill". Buy a convertible grill. The Groker combines the convenience of gas with smoky hardwood flavor but doesn't require culinary expertise to make great BBQ. Bottom line, the Groker is a the synergistic solution to all you grilling needs. And they're available now.

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