• How does a Groker work?

    The Groker is not a "combo grill" like you see in stores. We did not simply take a gas grill and bolt that to a charcoal grill and bolt that to a smoker box. Because we think that's stupid.

    The Groker is a convertible grill. You change the configuration to match your cooking needs. So the Groker has a few extra parts that your current grill doesn't have.

    Here is the three burner in gas grilling configuration.

    In this configuration, it's a simple gas grill. There is no difference with your regular gas grill. However, if you remove the cover and insert the solid fuel drawer, you can add flavor to your food with charcoal or wood.

    You will use the gas burner to light the fuel, so no chimney starter is required as you have simple push button ignition. Now to create an indirect cooking method (for smoking food at low temperatures) simply insert the water tray. I have moved the tray to the side so you can see the solid fuel.

     So there are three configurations for a Groker, for each of three cooking techniques. And that, we hope, delivers a fantastic value for our customers.

    Please feel free to contact us 24/7/365 if you have questions.

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