• The Groker Quality Promise

    A grill is an investment that should last many years. And that's why we build our products to last.

    The single most important part of any grill is the gas burner. And that's why we use 304 stainless steel burners. 304 stainless is a cost significant premium for us but is industry standard for the highest quality burner material. Bottom line, the most important thing is that your grill gets really hot, and we've done our homework to make sure you can get a great sear on your steaks.

    The solid fuel drawer and water tray are also stainless steel. Because they need to last.

    We used solid rubber wheels simply because we know that cheap plastic wheels are crap and won't last. Likewise the grill grates are heavy duty, so that they'll last.

    And of course, if there's anything wrong with what you receive in the mail, we'll fix it. Taking care of you, our customer, is our highest priority. We simply wouldn't have a business without you.

    Please feel free to contact us 24/7/365 with questions.

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