• Celebrating BBQ Music

    It's a small but unique genre of music.  YouTube offers a some, uh, interesting options. This one has a remarkably accurate description of the regional variations of BBQ.



    I'm starting to sense a theme here.  I'm not entirely sure that all these guys have PhDs.

     These guys have a lot more talent at singing than video production, but they make good music and deserve more hits.

     This one leaves me speechless, as it will you.  Seriously, NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

    Johnny's Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" adapted for BBQ. Interdasting.

    The BBQ PIt Boys have a theme song and it's not bad.

    This one's for the delicate flowers out there.  You know, the special snowflakes.  The Lake Wobegoners.  But it's a good song.

    It's good to know that the decline of Britain will be well documented.

    Pretty funny how BBQ spans the globe.


    Finally and most importantly to us is our theme song, Barbecue by Banana Blender Surprise.  Download it here.


    Let's just say that Gerard was a little surprised to hear that we wanted to use their song, since Banana hadn't performed in over ten years.  But if you like the music, here's what they have on Amazon. Great band, great times, great music.  We drank hipster beer way before it was cool to drink hipster beer.


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