• Things not to do while BBQing

    This post is about simplicity. So if you are making real low and slow BBQ, let's first start by talking about the three things you need. 1. Heat 2. Smoke 3. Time Now that's clear, let's move on to what you don't need. This will be simple list of things that are dumb and don't work, along with something of an explanation. Let's get started. 1. Fancy Rubs - You don't need them. Ever. Aaron Franklin, proprietor of only the greatest BBQ joint in the history of food, uses salt and pepper on his brisket.  Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly posted...

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  • Celebrating BBQ Music

    It's a small but unique genre of music.  YouTube offers a some, uh, interesting options. This one has a remarkably accurate description of the regional variations of BBQ.     I'm starting to sense a theme here.  I'm not entirely sure that all these guys have PhDs.  These guys have a lot more talent at singing than video production, but they make good music and deserve more hits.  This one leaves me speechless, as it will you.  Seriously, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Johnny's Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" adapted for BBQ. Interdasting. The BBQ PIt Boys have a theme song and it's...

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