• Large Groker Insert

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    The Groker insert fits underneath your grill grate to block the flames so you can perform indirect cooking.  The heat and smoke go around the pan, so the food sees a reduced temperature of 225-250 degrees, perfect for low and slow BBQ like ribs, pulled pork, or brisket.

    The Groker Insert compares to the Smokenator and to the Slow'n Sear.

    The pan also holds water.  The water keeps your food moist and helps to lower the temperature if you have a flareup.  And you can use it without water when you're cooking at higher temperatures but don't want to sear your food (eg. a Thanksgiving turkey).
    The pan installs in minutes directly under your grill grate.  It adapts to any grill grate. It fits in the dishwasher.  It has a nonstick, heat resistant finish.
    The large size fits a 22 inch kettle or other full size charcoal grills.  It measures 16.6x12.4 and 2 inches deep, and is 19.4 inches on its longest axis.
    There is no faster or cheaper way to start making true low and slow BBQ at home than the Groker Insert.
    Here are instructions on installing your insert.
    We also have a forum for question or support.
  • Large Groker Insert
  • Large Groker Insert
  • Large Groker Insert
  • Large Groker Insert

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