About our Groker Insert

Our Groker Insert is a ridiculously simple product.  It's a basically a modified baking pan.  It mounts underneath your grill grate and it holds water.  When installed, it turns any charcoal grill into a water smoker.  
Now, after we invented this product, we noticed a funny thing.  There was only one other product available that would turn your grill into a smoker.  It is called the Smokenator, it sells for $60, and people absolutely love the product.  Ours is about 1/3 the cost, and performs the same function.
Where the Smokenator divides the cooking chamber into two sections, creating an "internally offset smoker", our device does not do this, and therefore does not violate their patent.  Rather, we black the heat energy coming off the coals, creating an indirect cooking technique.  Heat and smoker are evenly distributed so the food see a consistently low and slow smoking temperature.
The number of coals you will want to use is highly variable. Since our insert fits into any grill of any size, we recommend that you experiment to find out what works for your grill. We can tell you that 12-15 Kingsford briquettes will get our grill to 250 fahrenheit. Your mileage may vary.
We do want to emphasize what a great value the product is.  Your altenatives are thusly: (1) buy a smoker, (2) buy a Smokenator, or (3) buy a Groker Insert.  A standalone smoker costs at least $100.  A Smokenator costs $60.  The Groker Insert costs $20.  They all do the same thing.  You do the math
In fact our product is superior to vertical smoker for one major reason - it's cheaper.  Why would you by a smoker when you could buy a charcoal grill and convert it?  
Our product is far superior to any of the cheap offset smokers.  First, it's WAY cheaper.  Second, it heats evenly where offsets are hot on one side and cold on the other.  Third, it's a water smoker, so it's much more forgiving.  Fourth, it's more fuel efficient because you aren't venting heat in the offset box itself.  The Insert will pay for itself in fuel savings, unless you have a forest in your backyard.
One might even ask the question: why do cheap offset smokers even exist? A charcoal grill with a Groker Insert is cheaper and better in every way.
Unfortunately for us, this product was first developed and patented in 1979.  So no patent.  Nevertheless, it's a great product and one which we use regularly.  We hope and expect to see it available in many iterations and as an OEM product in the very near future.
Click here to see our video on the Groker Insert.
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