About Us

We Have A Mission

At Groker Corporation, we have one simple objective: industry domination.  No really.  We think we make better grills than everyone else. This is not a humblebrag. Our stuff is better.

We expect that in ten years the Groker will be the dominant grill design.  Why, you might ask, do we think this?  Well to start, gas grills are boring.  Sure, they're easy to use (like the Groker). But they're a great value. Moreover the products are more than the sum of their parts. By combining the three products into one, we've created a product that's far easier to use than standalone products. It's a hell of a value for you, our customer.

We build our products to last, because that's what you want.

And our company goes nowhere without you.  We know you will love your Groker.  We want you not only to be satisfied, but thrilled with your Groker.  We want you to tell you friends to buy a Groker.  If you don't, we won't succeed.  Customer satisfaction is our life blood.  And you'll like our products for one simple reason: they make your food taste better.

We offer 24 hour support (before or after purchase) here.

As our company evolves, many things will change but the customer will always come first. Feel free to contact us with product questions or other inquiries.