Insert Instructions

If you've landed on this page, we sincerely hope that you purchased a Groker Insert and have come here for the detailed installation instructions.  

We do not provide an operating manual.  You now own a water smoker.  There are literally millions of internet recipes for BBQ. Go forth and prosper, young Padawan.

So to start with, you should have a pan and a bag with some hardware.  There should be at least four bolts, two nuts, two lock washers, and two knobs.

There are two sizes of bolts.  The short bolt will be used for a steel grill grate.  The longer bolt will be used if you have a thicker, cast iron grill grate.  Obviously if you have a cast iron grill grate, the short bolts may not be long enough.  But if one bolt doesn't work, the other will.

Step 1 is to place the lock washer on the bolt. Run the bolt up through a hole, any hole, and secure it tightly with a nut.  Make sure it's tight.  If it's loose, it won't work right.  Although you can always go back and tighten it.  It should look like this picture.

Now repeat the same process on the opposite hole.  

Step 2 is to place your grill grate on top of the pan.  Using the enclosed knobs, secure the pan underneath the grill grate thusly.

Place your fire directly under the pan.  The cooking temperature will depend on a wide variety of factors, but in a 22 inch kettle grill, we use 12-15 Kingsford briquettes to achieve 225-250 degrees.