Our favorite BBQ sites

Here are some of our favorite BBQ sites from across the wide wide world of tubes.

The two biggest and best sites are from Derrick Riches and Meathead Goldwyn. Within limits, if you need something related to grilling or BBQ, I can tell with 99% certainty that you can find it on one or both of those sites.  They're both great writers, truly love BBQ and grilling, and are consummate professionals.



Craig and Meathead are both active on social media, so find them on Twitter and Facebook if you do those kinds of things. Real men don't.

Daniel Vaughn is the BBQ editor for Texas Monthly magazine. First of all yes, some people still buy magazines. Second, this one has a BBQ editor. Because it's Texas dammit. 


Daniel is a great writer and really goes into depth about some of the most important issues is BBQ, like this article on BBQ anatomy. Also has a Top 50 list of BBQ joints in Texas and an app that helps you find BBQ, albeit only in Texas. But then why would you be anywhere else?

Best BBQ cooking series is the BBQ Pit Boys.

Best BBQ book is from Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ. Best BBQ without waiting in line is at John Mueller Meat Co.

Alton Brown's stuff, when he's doing grilling or BBQ, is great. 

There are several popular BBQ message boards of varying quality. On balance, BBQ and grilling is not an internet focused sport. To quote Ron Swanson: "I never learned to grill by reading, and I recommend that you don't either. Exit your computer and go learn how to grill like a man."