Understanding Gas Groker Technology

Our Gas Groker technology represents a breakthrough of monumental proportions (not a humblebrag).  For around ten dollars of incremental manufacturing cost, we are able to combine three products (three cooking enclosures) into a single enclosure.  This means our product is a much better value for you, our customer, than is a regular grill. 

We started with a simple gas grill.  Then we added two new parts, which give the user the option of running the grill as a charcoal grill, or as a smoker.  Like a convertible car where the top can be up or down, we call this a convertible grill.  


In the gas configuration, the solid fuel drawer is removed, as is the water tray.  You have a standard gas grill.


Now you insert the solid fuel drawer in order to perform charcoal grilling.  Notice the drawer is placed directly above the gas burner - that's how you light your wood - using push button ignition - no special tools. The drawer allows you to safely refill your wood or charcoal without disrupting the cooking process.


Now you place the water tray under the grates and above the wood drawer. The tray blocks the flames, creating an indirect cooking technique and lowering the temperature for true low and slow BBQ. 

And now you know why we call it a convertible grill.